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Properties of our products

Anti-smog inlet vent ventilates the room and cleans the air of pollutants. The applied carbon filter reduces as much as 98% of harmful PM10 dusts.

Low heat transfer is ensured by the best thermal parameters of windows.

All elements of the fittings are hidden in the internal space between the sash and the frame, which is called the groove clearance. This results in the fact that the hinges are not visible at all, when the window is closed.

Hoisting of the sash allows to perform airing of the room, while maintaining the anti-burglar properties of the window. Furthermore, it prevents mosquitoes from getting inside and eliminates the necessity to install a mosquito net.

Surface of the glass is illuminated using LED RGB light, which creates a multicoloured and atmospheric interior, as well as distinguishes the building in a colourful manner. The lighting is controlled using the smart app.

Glass characterised by increased sound-insulating properties protects the interior against noise (e.g. traffic, barking dogs).

Special glass protects the room against solar heating with just a slight reduction in the amount of incoming light.

Special security characteristics protect against burglary via physical force or via prying of the window sash with the use of simple tools. The windows are available in two resistance classes: RC1 and RC2.

The windows are equipped with safe glass with greater resistance to breaking, as well as handles closed using a key, which make it difficult for children to open them.

The handles are installed below the standard height, in order to make it easier for people with disabilities to use the windows.


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