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Fire protection systems

Safety does not accept any compromises. Therefore, when designing fire zones in the buildings, it is necessary to apply effective solutions, which are aimed at protecting the health and life of people staying inside.

Our fire protection systems include inter alia: fire doors and walls, smoke exhaust windows, smoke-tight doors. They guarantee the implementation of individual elements of the fire zone development, which in turn will ensure safe evacuation in the case of a fire. The above-mentioned systems have been fully tested and they meet all the European standards, which are required on the construction market.

Enter the preliminary dimensions of the door/window openings, number of pieces, design and additional description:

PAMO fire protection solutions:

MB-78EI system that includes internal and external fixed fire partitions, as well as hopper doors in the following classes: EI15 to EI90.

MB-78EI muntin-free fire walls in the EI30 and EI60 class.

MB-78EI DPA automatic sliding fire doors in the EI15 and EI30 class

MB-86EI fire protection window system in the EI30 class

MB-118E system that allows for the implementation of fire partitions characterised by fire resistance in the EI120 class.

Post and beam facade systems: MB-SR50N EI, as well as MB-SR50N EI EFFECT fire wall in the following classes: EI30 to EI60

Fire protection glazed roofs in the REI30/RE45 class, which are based on the post and beam facade systems

MB-45D smoke-tight door in the Sm and Sa class

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801 000 200

ul. Kolejowa 6, 38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

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