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Synthetic ENERGY Door

Synthetic ENERGY Door is created on the basis of an energy-saving profile and filling. It is characterised by appropriate structure and low heat transfer coefficient, which ensures exceptional thermal insulation. The energy-saving structure of this door allows to limit the loss of heat, which in turn translates into lower costs of heating.

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Energy-saving solution

Synthetic Energy Door constitutes our response to the changing expectations of the clients, who search for more and more warmer doors. Essential task of this product is to provide high tightness of the building, as well as to prevent the creation of the so-called thermal bridges. Synthetic Energy Door is an example of synergistic application of the properties of profiles and door panels. Very low heat transfer coefficient of the profiles, which was obtained as a result of the tests, combined with the possibility of applying wider and warmer panels, ensures the best thermal parameters. Thus, when the clients are looking for an energy-saving solution, they usually choose the doors made of PVC, because they are characterised by a relatively low price, as well as very good thermal and acoustic parameters.

Synthetic ENERGY Door - grafika opisu produktu

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Glass characterised by increased sound-insulating properties protects the interior against noise (e.g. traffic, barking dogs).


Special security characteristics protect against burglary via physical force or via prying of the window sash with the use of simple tools. The windows are available in two resistance classes: RC1 and RC2.

Barrier-free (lowered handles)

The handles are installed below the standard height, in order to make it easier for people with disabilities to use the windows.


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