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PAMO is a family company that specialises in the manufacture of windows and doors made
of PVC, wood and aluminium. We have been operating on the market since 1996 and our company is one
of the leaders in the sector in Subcarpathia. Due to many years of experience and continuous development,
we are able to meet even the highest requirements.

The registered office of our company is located in Ustrzyki Dolne, in the heart of the Bieszczady Mountains. Systematic development resulted
in the fact that we have transformed from a family and local company into a sales network, which covers over a dozen locations throughout
the country. If you have time, then we encourage you to read our history.


Istnieje wiele powodów, dla których warto postawić na
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A family company with Polish capital

A family company with Polish capital

Our company has been operating on the market for 25 years. Furthermore, we are very proud that we have received the award of a reliable employer.

Quality confirmed by the satisfaction of our clients

Quality confirmed by the satisfaction of our clients

Taking care of our clients and reliable implementation of the orders allowed us to build a positive image of our brand on the market. 90% of our clients contact us as a result of recommendation.

International reach

International reach

While ensuring continuous development of our offer and following the latest technologies, we were able to expand our activity beyond the territory of Poland. Our windows can be found throughout Europe and in the USA.


PAMO in Poland

From a family business to a dynamically developing company.

Our company was established in 1996 in Ustrzyki Dolne. At the beginning, the plant hired 10 employees, who were performing tasks associated with the manufacture of PVC windows and doors.

Good quality of the offered products, as well as exceptional care for our clients, resulted in a quick increase in the popularity of our brand on the local market. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of our clients, we expanded our offer with aluminium window and door products in 1998, and subsequently with wooden products in 2001.

Continuous quality improvement of the offered products, as well as advancement in the scope of their technology, allowed to expand our business activity on a global scale.

PAMO is one of the most dynamically developing companies, and not only in Subcarpathia - our aspirations reach the entire country.

Improvement of qualifications of our employees, continuous search for better solutions, investments in the scope of technology, the highest quality of products and satisfaction of our clients resulted in the fact that we transformed from a local family company to a nationwide organisation. However, the values and mission of our company have not changed since the beginning of our activity.


PAMO around the world

Competition in Europe is an opportunity for our growth

PAMO's offer reaches beyond the borders of our country.

Exceptional price-quality ratio of our products and professional service have been also appreciated outside Poland. The most prestigious European markets have provided new opportunities for us. Currently, our products are already used by the clients from all European countries, as well as the USA and Israel.

Furthermore, we are inspired by innovative design, therefore we are open to new production possibilities that enable optimisation of the production effects.

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Our sophisticated projects

We put emphasis on individuality. Our windows and doors are adapted to your concept and requirements. This results
in the fact that we create exceptional structures for houses and businesses. Our company is an innovative manufacturer of windows and doors, therefore we undertake
interesting challenges. Furthermore, we create custom projects and we are also engaged in the mapping of historic windows.

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