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Design your dream interior

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Use our configurator in order to select and match the optimal windows or doors to your expectations.


Our sophisticated projects

We put emphasis on individuality. Our windows and doors are adapted to your concept and requirements. This results in the fact that we create exceptional structures for houses and businesses. Our company is an innovative manufacturer of windows and doors, therefore we undertake interesting challenges. Furthermore, we create custom projects and we are also engaged in the mapping of historic windows.

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Full customer service

Our company guarantees comprehensive customer service at every stage of the project. We prepare designs, create products and take care of their installation. Therefore, the client can be sure that the order will be implemented in accordance with the expectations, up to the stage of final installation works.

We design and provide advice

At the client’s request, we can design any pattern and shape of the windows or doors. Our specialists are happy to provide advice in the scope of selection of appropriate materials. Moreover, they will determine the selection of appropriate functions, as well as the right colours and the method of product finishing.

We calculate the prices

After acquiring all the necessary information, we calculate the price of discussed products on the terms that we agree upon together.

We carry out free measurements

We come to your location in order to perform on-site control measurements for the ordered products.

We manufacture custom products

We manufacture products in the scope of individual orders, along with the indication of implementation dates.

We deliver and install

We perform all construction and installation works. Furthermore, we can also carry out a modification of openings in order to adapt them to the current order, as well as implement finishing at the client's individual request, including painting and puttying.

We provide full service and after-warranty service

During the entire warranty period, we watch over the correct functioning of the products installed by us. Moreover, after the warranty period, we also provide repair services or replacement services in the scope of worn out elements.

Our company is a manufacturer of windows and doors, which is not afraid of complicated projects. Furthermore, we offer custom solutions to meet the expectations of our clients to the maximum extent.

We are constantly developing in order to create innovative and original concepts. Therefore, our products have also been appreciated on the international market.

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